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Bird Control Group laser bird repellent systems have helped thousands of customers around the world reduced their bird nuisance by more than 70% and increased their profit.


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At FenceFast we are always looking for new innovative solutions for animal management.  For many of our Canadian customers birds can cause substantial damages and costs, become a biohazard, or just be a nuisance.  With our partnership with Bird Control Group we know offer this innovative solution to successfully scare birds away automatically 24/7- 365 days a year if required. 

FenceFast is AVIX Business Partner

As AVIX Solution Advisers FenceFast ltd offers and sells the bird deterrent technology together with Bird Control Group, our team has an extensive knowledge on the solutions and are capable of the best bird control solution in any specific situation.


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How it works

From recognizing your bird problem to solving it in 4 simple steps:

1- Free assessment

We start with assessing your bird problem and preparing your tailor-made proposal.


Our certified installer comes to your location to install and set up our laser bird deterrent system.


The system starts projecting a laser beam towards birds that perceive it as a physical danger and fly away.

4-Positive results

Birds don't get accustomed to the device. Our customers have at least a 70% reduction in birds.


Apply for our AVIX Integrator program and become our partner

FenceFast ltd is an AVIX Technical Partner

FenceFast has a team of AVIX Service Providers to make sure birds are deterred in the most effective way, our service providers can make sure that the laser deterrents are installed, programmed and maintained correctly. FenceFast AVIX Service providers have the required technical knowledge on the systems capabilities and possibilities to create the best results in bird repelling.

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