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CHICK'A Poultry Slaughter Bleeder Cone

$19.99 CAD

Use the CHICK'A Plastic cone for bleeding out chickens when slaughtering - Use with Cone Mounting Bracket (sold separately)

Restrains birds while bleeding out, helps prevent wing and leg damage.

Pair with this poultry slaughter cone with the CHICK'A Cone Bracket for quick and easy slaughter and bleed out of poultry during self-slaughtering. The cones can be easily removed from the bracket for clean-up and storage. 

How to use:

Mount the cone bracket with cone on a wall at a high easy enough to place a live bird in upside down in the cone. place a bucket on the ground under with some water in it to catch any drainage. Once bird in placed in cone use the Poultry Sacrifice Pliers for a quick humane slaughter. Let drain completely before removal to the next process. 

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