Gallagher 3/4" Brass Stock Proof Trough Valve

$82.99 CAD

Gallagher Water Tank Brass Valve with Float is designed for seamless use with many livestock waterers and water tanks. It works at any angle and is stock-proof. The Gallagher Water Tank3/4" Brass Valve with Float is easy to install and set up.

  • A rugged, high performance valve for watering livestock.
  • Mounts through trough wall, over the top or through the bottom of trough.
  • No long arm to bend or break as float fits snugly against side of trough.
  • Full flow with less than 1" water drop in trough.
  • Float is made from UV resistant Poly.
  • Not suitable for use in freezing conditions.
  • Fits standard 3/4" fittings.
  • Ideal for pressure water systems.
  • Flow rate: 50 litres/minute at 14 psi.
  • Float has 2 litre capacity.

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