Gallagher Equi Pinlock Steel Post Insulator 25/Bag

Gallagher Equi Pinlock Steel Post Insulator 25/Bag

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Designed for steel posts, the best choice for permanent equine electric fencing using pre-drilled T steel posts

<li>Use with pre-drilled steel T posts</li>
<li>Use with Equine Fence Wire Ideal for fences that need to be temporarily lowered for vehicle or animal access such as on laneways, beside drains or silage pits</li>
<li>Strong jaw design to withstand fence tension and keep wires firmly in place</li>
<li>Superior insulation with large heavy duty sheild to prevent pulse arcing and reduce power leakage</li>
<li>Easy set up - no tools needed to install or remove wire from insulator</li>
<li>Made from strong high density, long lasting UV resistant plastic</li>
<li>Warranty 10 years</li>

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