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Speedrite/Stafix AN20 Battery Energizer

Speedrite/Stafix AN20 Battery Energizer

$149.99 CAD

The AN20 is a small lightweight energizer runs on 2 ''D'' cell batteries. This battery energizers provides a portable and practical solution for strip grazing and small electric fence systems. 

Powers up to 1 km of fence
0.04 J maximum output energy (0.05 J stored energy)

  • Simple set up
  • On/Off switch
  • Intelligent battery management to extend battery life.

Requires 2 D cell Batteries not included.

Speedrite and Stafix branded models both manufactured by Datamars just different brand and colour. 

3 year warranty


Distance powers: km 1 km
Input Voltage 2 x D batteries
Maximum stored energy 0.05 J
Maximum output energy 0.04 J
Minimum number of earth rods required


Weight: kilograms 0.4 kg
Volume: Metric 97 x 103 x 142 mm

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