Fence Staplers


STOCKade is the world’s leading manufacturer of fencing staplers, staples and other wire fixing systems.

Fencing is a physically strenuous activity that takes place on every farm and ranch around the world every day. The traditional rural fencing methods of attaching fence wire to wooden posts by hand-hammering staples is arduous and tough on the body.

STOCKade’s fence stapling systems have become the new tool of choice for many fencing contractors and farmers, with its power, convenience and flexibility enabling it to successfully complete even the most troublesome fencing jobs.

STOCKade manufactures the world’s best fencing staples. Specifically engineered for each tool, STOCKade staples last up to six times longer than standard galvanized staples due to the most corrosion resistant 90% zinc, 10% aluminium coating.

STOCKade staplers drive each staple, damage free and accurately to a consistent depth, giving a quality finish that only master fencers with years of experience can match.

Considerably quicker to master than a hammer, anyone can use a STOCKade fence stapler to fence up to five times faster than hand-hammering, without the resulting aches and pains.

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