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REDI Driver® gas powered post drivers

REDI Driver® gas powered post drivers

No hoses, No compressor, No hassle .... Change the way you drive things

1st on the market, 1st in quality, 1st in service

REDI Driver® is the ONLY gas powered post driver with over 6 years of World Wide proven reliability . DO NOT settle for less than THE original & THE best selling!

Build a fence, faster and easier than ever before with the new Redi Driver® gas powered post driver.  You can now pound fence posts into the rockiest ground on the toughest terrain in just a few seconds, delivering up to 1820 blows per minute. You can move to the next fence post just as quickly–without dragging around hoses or a compressor. Easy one person operation, or if you’re running a crew, you’ll save money on equipment as well as labor costs.                                                

Quality materials used throughout spring loaded handles for comfort
All internal components are manufactured from the highest quality precision machined materials  to give the longest tool life possible. The piston & connecting rod material are exclusive to REDI Driver; they are a highly engineering polymer designed for self lubrication and high friction…this provides superior performance over the aluminum materials you will find in other drivers.  The harsh hammering action is isolated from the operator via spring cushioned handles allowing many   hours of fatigue free operation even by commercial operators. The power plant is the ultra reliable Honda GX35 1.3 hp engine. We have improved the durability of the clutch fan housing by casting the fan cover right into the clutch housing; no more cracked housings. Our exclusive line of Redi Driver accessories are uncomplicated & user friendly, saving you both time & money

Redi Driver has 2 Models to choose from: 

  1. REDIclassic52 with a 2″ guide tube is perfect for driving t posts, smaller fence posts, grounding rods, anchors, and rebar. An exclusive handle extension kit can be added to any REDIclassic52.
  2. REDIboss78 with a 3 1/8″ guide tube is perfect for driving larger fence posts, sign posts, guide posts, round wooden posts, silt fence,  and tent stakes.  Reducer sleeve is included so you can drive all your post sizes with this one simple driver!  An exclusive handle extension kit can be added to any REDIboss78.  Magnum accessory barrel is available for driving larger profile posts over 3″.  Custom barrel with custom profile inserts and secondary hammer are available for driving carsonite type guide/marker posts.

All new Handle Extension Kit can be added to any REDI Driver.  Will add over 2′ of length for driving taller posts without a ladder, or can be reversed to drive stakes without bending over.

Similar gas powered post drivers have been placed on the market in the past few years…The REDI Driver post driver has been copied, but not equaled!   The REDI Driver is built with pride and quality; it is the ONLY gas powered post driver with over 6 years of proven reliability.  The REDI Driver is the ORIGINAL Gas Post Driver which was developed and patented by the Christie Family of Christie Engineering in Australia. If your gas powered post driver does not have the CHRISTIE ENGINEERING stamp on it, you do not have the Original!  The REDI Driver post driver is very high quality inside and out, all the parts are made of materials specifically designed for optimum performance and have withstood the test of time! Thousand and Thousands of drivers have been sold worldwide!


  • Improves production by reducing worker fatigue…build fence in nearly half the time!
  • Easily access those tough areas where other equipment cannot go!
  • Isolated spring system on the handles for vibration dampening!
  • Save on fuel costs… drive posts all day for less than $5
  • Drive a large variety of post sizes up to 3″ OD with the 3 1/8″ guide tube REDIboss78 model!
  • Will not freeze up in cold weather like other post drivers!
  • Handle configuration offers the most “ease while operating” vs. the other post drivers!


  • Rated Weight- REDIclassic52  weighs 32 pounds
  • Rated weight- REDIboss78 weighs 35 pounds
  • Blows per minute- REDIclassic52 offers 1720 bpm
  • Blows per mintue- REDIboss78 offers 1820 bpm
  • Power- 1.3 hp HONDA GX35  4 stroke engine with 7,000 rpm
  • Starting System- recoil pull start with trigger throttle & intergrated stop button
  • Fuel Consumption- up to 1000 posts on 1 gallon of gas
  • Meets strict worldwide emission & noise requirements
  • Highest quality sealed bearings on internal components
  • All materials are of highest quality specifically engineerined for performance & function
  • Quality viton 0-rings throughout

The “Classic” & the “Boss”  bottom assemblies are interchangeable

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