Steel Pipe Fence Ties

Steel Pipe Fence Ties

Looking for a faster, better safer way to attach wire to steel pipe?

Well than FenceFast has you covered see our selection of:

EZ Twist Fence Ties that are pre-formed to fit different diameter steel pipe, allows for faster and more securely tied fence every time, as well increased profitability of your fence projects.

EZ Twist Fence Ties are most commonly used by installers on large chain link projects and small commercial jobs with 2-inch mesh or larger. They are much faster to use than hook ties and more secure.

The EZ Twist Ties are pre-shaped to fit around a post and one picket without opening the tie. They are available in several gauges and coatings and available for a variety of post and rail sizes including:

  • Round Post & Rail
  • Tension Wire
  • T-Post
  • C-Post, C-Rail, Heavy C & Super C

    Use EZ twist ties for:

    • Chainlink Fence mesh
    • Woven Mesh wire to steel posts
    • Poly Mesh and Deer Netting 
    • Barbed Wire to steel T-posts

    Our contractors report a 3 to 1 installation advantage over hand tying 9-gauge steel hook ties. The secret is in the wire. EZ Twist Ties are constructed with an easy tensile strength design that easily pinches together and twists with our custom power drill bit tool for quick installation. The results is a better, faster, safer tie job more consistent, without sore hands and fingers, resulting in a satisfied customer and a happy crew. In our experience a happy crew is a more productive crew, more productive equals more profitability. 

    Product Features:

    EZ Twist Ties are available in four different finishes to match all common chain link coatings:


    • 9 gauge — 1.2 or 2 oz.
    • 6 gauge — 2 oz.(special order only)
    • 11 gauge — 1.2 oz.


    • 9 gauge — .4 oz. (special order only)

    Vinyl Coated

    9 gauge galvanized core coated with:

    • Black PVC,
    • Special order only colours
      • Woodland Green, Forest or Enser Green, and Brown PVC.

    Finished size is 8 gauge. The 9 gauge power drill bit tool is required for vinyl coated ties.

    Stainless Steel

    • 9 gauge only (special order only)