FenceFast Ltd is a Canadian Sales, Marketing and Distribution Company of Fence, Trellis, and Animal Management Product Solutions. FenceFast represents and works with many of the leading manufactures from around the globe. Our product lines are specifically chosen to represent quality products that will get a superior result in the most economical way.

The team at FenceFast has decades of experience in professional contract fencing so we look to field test all of the products we carry before giving them the FenceFast endorsement of approval. FenceFast looks to work with leading innovative manufactures whom strive to manufacture reliable, quality solutions that they have designed, tested and stand behind.

We believe we are uniquely positioned to be your source for fencing products solutions from our real hands on knowledge of over 25 years of fence design and construction experience. As an independent and specialized company, we pride ourselves in offering honest, old fashioned advice so you, our customer, can create a fence system that is second to none in quality, performance and cost effectiveness.

We are relentless in ensuring our products are tough enough for the extremes for use in Canada . All our products are tested by not only us but by many professional fence erectors and Agricultural users across the country to ensure these products will produce a high quality result and work in our unique Canadian weather. We want our products to help you work smarter not harder.

Our Story

Axle Boris the founder and President of FenceFast Ltd grew up on a cattle ranch in British Columbia’s Northern Interior. After having spent several summers working for his father custom fencing as a youth years later in 1998 he started his own fencing business in the BC interior. Being impressed with how electric fences consistently kept out a wide variety of animals and were a cost effective option for customers; Axle became a dealer for to Gallagher Animal Management in 2000. Since FenceFast Ltd has developed to become an industry leader specializing in Livestock, Wildlife, Bear and Predator Management permanent and portable fence structures. As well selling and supplying products and fencing solutions to customers across Canada.