Gates and Gateways

Gates and Gateways

Electrifying a gateway makes getting around your property easy.

Where possible, position gateways on flat, firm areas, away from steep banks where erosion could occur. Carry the power (and ground return if you have a ground wire return system) across the gateways preferably underground using double insulated cable in a pipe for protection and simple maintenance. Seal ends or turn ends of pipe down to keep out moisture. Bury the cable/pipe at least 12” deep and cover with soil that is free of rocks and debris. Connect the cable ends to the fence using join clamps or through a Cut out Switch.

Electrified Gates Electric gates are low cost, effective and extremely easy to install. Choose from high visibility electrified spring gates, bungy gates and single or multi-strand tape gates.

Electric gates should be wired so they are dead when they are unhooked.

Do not rely on electric gates to get power across gateways because when the gates are open power is lost to the fence. Also, the conductor in an electric gate is not designed to carry high currents so power will drop even when closed.

Tape gates provide the most visible gate solution. Choose spring or bungy gates where the gate needs to be stretched across a road to divert animals into the paddock. Gallagher gate systems are manufactured to the highest quality standard which is why they are FenceFast’s premium brand of electric fence gate products.

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