Scale Indicator/Data Collectors

Scale Indicator/Data Collectors

Weigh Scale/Data Recorders range from entry level automatic weighing model through to the most advanced weighing and data collection system available.​

This is the best option for farmers looking to manage their business more profitability. An advanced system that works together to automate animal management and handling tasks, saving time and money.

Some advantages of using a weighing and EID system Data Collection System:

Yard management

  • Reduced time & effort - equipment reads fast and efficiently, automatically matching weight to animal ID number
  • Improved accuracy - remove human error and prevent incomplete or inaccurate records
  • Improved access to animal information - see full weight history for actual animal in the crush

Increased Stock Value

  • Identify the poor performers - treat, allocate to different feeding group or quit early
  • Accurate drenching levels -maximisetreatment efficiency and minimise treatment costs
  • Meet the market required weight range - accurate selection of animals based on weight to maximise profit.