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Temporary Portable Electric Fencing

A temporary Portable electric fence provide flexibility in pasture management and are ideal for short-term animal control or rotational grazing. Easily transported, constructed and maintained, portable fences are an effective temporary fencing solution for a range of animals and situations.  These fences can be quickly constructed and moved as often as needed. Temporary electric fences are terrific choices for cattle and horses. They are sufficient for sheep and goats but require more work and greater attention to detail (i.e., wire spacing, available posts, line tension, etc.). Temporary electric fences are also excellent for overnight trail rides to control horses and on camping trips to keep unwanted animals away from your campsite.

Temporary electric fence utilizes an electrified wire, tape, or rope and temporary fence posts to quickly section off portions of your pasture for rotational grazing or direct livestock to a desired area. The electric shock given to the livestock does not hurt the livestock, but trains them to avoid contact with the fence. Once trained, the electric fence acts as a psychological barrier instead of a physical barrier like a standard barbwire fence. Temporary electric fences can be constructed quickly using easy to install fence posts, electric wire/rope/tape reels, and portable battery or solar powered energizers.x


Temporary electric fence systems require an energizer to electrify the wire, rope, or tape. Depending on the application, a solar powered or battery power energizer could be used. Solar powered energizers have a solar panel that recharge the energizer battery during daylight hours. The voltage and power requirements vary by livestock and length of fence. Use the energizer selection guide to compare all energizers. Each energizer will connect to the fence wire, rope, or tape via an electric jumper and will also connect to the grounding rods.

Portable Posts

Various fence posts can be used to construct a temporary electric fence. Insulated metal Ring top posts allow a single strand of wire, rope, or tape to be strung in minutes, fiberglass posts are naturally non-conductive and uses spring clips to attach multiple electric wire, rope, or tape at different heights. Temporary fence posts are typically installed 15-20 feet apart to support the fence wire.

Tapes, Wires, Braids

Multiple electric wires, tapes, and ropes are available for a temporary fence system depending on the animal or livestock and life of the fence needed. A portable fence reel can be used to easily string and tension the temporary fence and can be mounted to remain as a functional component of the temporary fence. You can compare all of the different attributes of the electric fence wire, tape, and ropes at our electric fence wire comparison guide any portable fencing in excess of 300m should use high conductive wires, tapes or braids.

Reel connectors are used to connect the power from electrified lines to portable reels and wires. Insulation handles are required at the end of an electrified line to terminate the fence or connect to an existing mains powered fence wire.  

Please look through our Electric Fence System Configurations to find the fence by animal type that may best meet your needs.

Our FenceFast team can also assist in the design and supply of a complete Power Fence system