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Electric Fence Netting

FenceFast has an extensive range of electric netting to suite a full range of applications and species. 

Electric Netting is easy to install as a garden fence, poultry enclosure against predators, livestock enclosure,  

How does electric netting work?
The energizer (charger) sends an electric pulse through its “+” positive (red) terminal to the fence. This pulse travels through the conductors and 'pressurizes' the fence with excess electrons. The 'pressure' is measured in volts.
When an animal touches the fence, excess electrons enter it and travel through the animal to the soil which than completes the circuit back to the earth grounding system the energizer is connected to on the "-" negative (green) terminal side, thus completing the circuit. 

When should you use "+" positive "-" negative configured electric netting? If you have poor earth grounding conditions like very dry soils or sandy gravelly soil conditions, for maximum predator deterrent. This type of system does require more care to ensure it is not shorting out to itself as if the positive and negative wires touch it will create a dead short in the system.  

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