Antelope Don’t Jump

Pronghorn antelope do not jump over a fence like deer; instead they crawl through a fence. A 4 strand barbed wire fence in the Prairies common but can be a potential death trap for migrating antelope and as such, causes a concern for their habitat. Alberta Fish and Game Association noticed the ongoing loss of pronghorn to barbed fence and decided to protect and enhance the habitat to help preserve the species through the Antelope Corridor Project. Each year a group of volunteers meet in strategic locations to address an area of fence that has seen large groups of migrating pronghorn antelope.

In 2016 FenceFast Ltd was excited to be able to provide STOCKade’s ST400i cordless fence staplers, STOCKade’s Staplemate tools, along with staples to have the volunteer project completed better, faster and safer. To allow safe passage for the pronghorn antelope, a typical remodel of a barbed wire fence has a blend of smooth and barbed wire with a spacing that allows antelope to go through a fence. This summer Axle and Leanne joined a group of volunteers a group in one of the fence remodel projects. The Antelope Corridor was quickly remodeled with team work and STOCKade’s tools. We are happy to assist in making their volunteer hours shorter and easier because who needs a sore shoulder and callouses from a volunteer weekend?

FenceFast and STOCKade are proud to be an active supporters of the conservation efforts in Alberta and look forward to the 2019 Antelope Corridor Project. A successful volunteer association requires a group of people willing to work towards a great cause and keep the spirit of the mission alive.

To find out more about the Antelope Corridor Project please go to the Alberta Fish and Game Association website.

We hope to see you at a future Antelope Corridor Fencing event!