Canine Predator

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Canine Predator

Fence Configurations - Canine Predator

​​​​​​​​​​Electric fences are often used to keep coyotes, wolves, foxes and dogs away from sheep, goats and poultry flocks. Electric fencing used to repel predators must carry a strong shock and serve as a permanent perimeter fence.


Permanent Canine 7-Wire Fence Specs:​

# of Wires: 7
Fence Height: 48"
Line Post: Fiberglass Rod Post
Spacing: 45'
Line Stay: Fiberglass Rod Post
Spacing: 15'
Bracing: H-Brace
Wire Type: Hi-Tensile
Polarity: All Hot or Hot/Ground
Polarity: Medium Tension, Tight Wire No Visible Sag (150 lbs)
Applications: Predator exclusion fence for dogs (domestic and feral),
​foxes, coyotes, wolves

Download Wildlife Exclusion Booklet ›

Portable Multi Wire fencing and electric netting are idea for portable fence protection from K9 Predators

Gallagher Smartfence 

The Smart Fence is a 4-wire completely portable, instant electric fence that is easy to set up. Just add a fence energizer and a ground rod. It can be quickly setup around your garden, fish pond or other area you wish to keep raccoons out. This unit can also be used for blocking broken fences, temporary paddocks, hay bale protection, bear exclusion, and is perfect for use temporary fencing at horse, sheep and other livestock and wildlife including dogs, foxes, and coyotes. 

If your garden or yard is larger than contact our FenceFast specialist for more information.