Gallagher i-Series System

Gallagher i-Series System

The i Series System separates the fence information from the Energizer. This means the Energizer can still be hidden away where you’ve always kept it, at the back of the shed, but you can position the Energizer Controller where it is more accessible (up to 50m) away from the Energizer. The Controller shows all of your fence performance information (e.g. voltage, faults and location) in one convenient separate display box – providing greater visibility and control.

Install Gallagher Gateway and manage your energizer from your phone monitor up to 6 zones with  i-series monitors

MB5800i and MB10000i are main grid power energizers 

MBS1800 and MBS2800 can be powered main power with battery backup or solar battery for off grid system.  

Gallagher i-series remote can be used to turn off and on i-series energizer along the fence line as well test fence for both KV and Amp for fault finding.