Designed by Farmers for Farmers

FenceFast is proud to partner with LockJawz, to bring their new innovative fence solutions to our customers here in Canada. 

To date there has never been an adequate and ideal system for using steel T-posts with electric fencing. There was always risk of the insulator coming loose or off and making contract with the metal post and shorting out your electric fence system. With the Lock Jawz brace system and T-360 insulators this is no a concern. 

The LockJawz team redesign the T-post insulator from the ground up, and the T-360 is the result.  It was specifically designed for use with ALL 1.25/1.33 lb standard t-posts.  With its 360° mounting options and ability to make tight 180° turns working as well in-line as it does as a corner insulator, your imagination is the only limit when designing your fields.  

LockJawz are manufactured in the USA to the equivalent standard post insulator on the market 

 The LockJawz T-360 will be the last T-Post insulator you will ever need.


Patent Pending