Lock Jawz

Lock Jawz

 LockJawz T-360


Designed from the ground up to be the last t-post insulator you will ever need!

  • Fits all standard t-posts (1.25-1.33 lb)
  • 6 position 360° mounting options
  • In-Line as well as T-Post corner insulator
  • Easy "Weave-In" wire installation
    • Poly Rope
    • Poly Wire
    • Steel / Aluminum Wire
    • Barbed Wire (Single and dual strand)
  • Intuitive 1-piece design with - No Pins to Lose 
  • Arc Resistant Design
  • Packed 25 per bag

LockJawz Corner Brace Kit

All New T-Post Corner Brace Kit

Designed from the ground up to be the fastest and easiest way to brace your t-post corners by far!

Are you tired of those old school wire ties?

The all-new Spring Wire Clip from LockJawz utilizes high carbon spring steel so that there are no tools, no twisting, and no crimping required.

The T-SWC's are zinc coated for longevity and will last as long as your fence if not longer.  Their spring action absorbs fence strikes and stays tight.  

Give them a try today, you'll be glad you did.