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Standoffs or Offsets is a great way to retrofit electric fencing to an existing conventional fence to help protect and extend the life of a barrier style fence. Old fences can be made to last for many more years by simply attaching offset brackets and an electrified wire on one or both sides, even where fences have deteriorated so much that they need replacing. New fences will last almost twice as long if they have electrified​ offset wires attached to them as it will prevent stock pushing through the fences. Offsets can also be used to prevent predators like bears from climbing over an existing fence or even coyotes from attempting to dig under. Issues like goats and other horned animals getting their heads caught in mesh netting can also be prevented by adding an offset wire or two. Having an offset wire around your barrier perimeter fence is also a great way to power multiple portable or permanent electric cross fencing all from a single energizer.

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