Safer Fencing with the Mini Postmaster

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Safer Fencing with the Mini Postmaster

CASE STUDY By Simon Griffiths

An innovative new post driver attachment, the Mini-PostMaster, has been launched by Autoguide Equipment at IOG Saltex 2010.

An alternative to falling weight post drivers it offers a convenient and safe accessory to mini diggers and skid steer loaders, negating the need to bring a tractor to site, whilst increasing the speed of the fencing operation.

Autoguide Managing Director Richard Robinson explained that the Mini-PostMaster is a light duty, twin shaft vibrating post driver available with the option to both install and remove fence posts.

“Its number one feature is that it puts safety first,” he says, noting that each fence post is firmly gripped by the unit allowing the actual installation process to be carried out entirely by the digger or skid steer operator, thus minimising the risk of an accident to a second operator.

He added that conventional fence post installation is known to have its dangers with HSE (Health & Safety Executive) data from the agricultural sector alone revealing 13 RIDDOR reportable injuries relating to post drivers between 2004 and 2008, two of which were fatal.

Yet the Mini-PostMaster does not compromise on the speed of operation and fitting. “The unit can be fitted to the machine in under one minute without modification and once in operation can install many more posts per hour,” claims Richard, suggesting that as an accessory, the utilisation of mini excavators and skid steer machines can be increased.

Accuracy is another feature with the vibrating action of the Mini-PostMaster delivering secure post positioning even on stony soils where conventionally driven posts can be forced off line.

The unit is suitable for use with 1.5 to 3 tonne mini diggers as well as skid steer loaders and is available as either a MPM1 model, or with the option to install and extract posts with the MPM2 model that proves particularly useful where posts require realignment.


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