Gallagher Electric Fence Pliers

Gallagher Electric Fence Pliers

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These are a must have for anyone constructingpermanent HT wire electric fencing

<li>High quality fencing tool for Power Wire.</li>
<li>Side cutters for cutting Power Wire &amp; Aluminum XL Power Wire.</li>
<li>Parallel jaws for tightening joint clamps &amp; other bolts.</li>
<li>Comfortable bright plastic covered handles.</li>
<li>Parallel jaws minimize wire damage.</li>
<li>Replacement parts available.</li>
<li>8" (20cm) long.</li>

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<p>1 year</p>

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Customer Reviews

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Rod D.
great tool

These pliers are everything I hoped they would be.They are at least 1/3 overpriced however.