Electric Bear Fencing

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Electric Bear Fencing

 An electric bear fence is a psychological barrier that keeps farm animals in and wild animals and vermin out-even over long distances and is the most effective method of non-lethal bear security management.  Electric bear fence systems have the power to keep these animals out of landfills, apiaries, Orchards, berry fields, vineyards, work camps, cabins, campsite, livestock enclosures and birthing grounds, grain crop or storage, and just about anywhere else you don't want bears to go. This style of fencing can also add a higher level of security to any property.

Electric Bear fencing is relatively easy to maintain and economical to build being only a psychological barrier it doesn’t require great strength to be effective. However, it must be well designed and constructed to absorb some pressure from animals, snow and wind. The energizer must have enough power for the length of the fence and for the animals being controlled. More power is better than not enough. For areas of high attractions or habituated problem bears we recommend a minimum of a 2 Joule energizer  

How an electric fence works is a pulsed electric current is sent along the fence wire, about one pulse per second, from an energizer which is earthed. When the animal touches the fence, it completes the circuit between the fence and the ground and receives a short, sharp but safe shock. The shock is sufficiently memorable that the animal never forgets.  If one is using an electric fence on grounds that are poor conductors such as sand, gravels or rock than it is best to use a positive/negative electric fence system. This is when wires are hooked up alternated positive and negative (hooked directly back to the ground side of the energizer) thus ensures that if a positive and negative wire are touch simultaneously than the bear receives the full shock of the energizer. With a poor earth ground return a bear may not receive a powerful enough shock to deter them.  


There are two basic types of fence design permanently and temporarily. For longer term installations like landfills, transfer stations, work camps, horticultural fields, professionally designed permanent type fencing is recommended.


Permanent Fence Configuration - Bear

There are an array of permanent electric fence designs that can deter bear. Bear fencing is often used to protect beehives, dumpsters, lambing and calving areas, corrals and other small areas in need of protection form scavenging or predation.


Permanent Bear 6 or 8-Wire Fence Specs:​

# of Wires: 6 or 8 
Fence Height: 45" , 55"
Line Post: Insulated Line Posts 47" or 55 1/2" height
Spacing: 45' (13.7m)
Line Stay: Fiberglass Rod Post
Spacing: 15' (4.6m)
Bracing: H-Brace, Lockjawz Brace
Wire Type: Hi-Tensile power wire
Polarity: All Hot or Hot/Ground
Polarity: Medium Tension, Tight Wire No Visible Sag (150 lbs)
Applications: Predator Exclusion fence for all bear species

Download Wildlife Exclusion Booklet ›



email use info@fencefast.ca to inquiry about our permanent electric fence design and installation services

Portable Electric Bear Fencing

For areas of short term or seasonal protection Temporary portable type electric fencing systems are best utilized. FenceFast has a range of portable and semi portable systems and can help with customized systems if required.

  1. The Gallagher SmartFence is the most innovatively advance multi wire portable electric fence system on the market. This 100m (330ft) 4 strand poly wire multi reel system, complete with posts and corner anchors, all packaged in one unit making the SmartFence an ideal solution for a fully adjustable in length portable bear fence system that can easily be made a positive/negative system if desired. To complete this system just match it up to an energizer  and a ground rod. If you wish to ground one of the wires a single reel connector is a recommend addition 
  2. Our Predator/Bear positive/negative exclusion Netting 50m is a very effective method to excluded bears and even small vermin. To complete this system just match it up to an energizer and a ground rod. A single reel connector is a required to hook up the negative (grounded) side of the system.
  3. Our Bear and nuisance animal fence net kit 50ft is a complete system all you need to add is your energizer of choice.
  4. Gallagher Garden & back yard protection kit This system can be used for areas of low bear pressure, if one wishes to use it for higher attractant applications a much more powerful energizer than the B10 that comes with the kit is highly recommended.
  5. Customized system. FenceFast carries a large inventory portable electric fence products so if one of our above packages don't meet your required needs we would be more than happy to work with you to design and put together something that will. 



Please be aware that although portable electric systems are very successful at excluding bears from unwanted areas it is by no means 100%. Precaution and good bear practices should always be taken when in bear country!