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Electric Fence For Deer

Electric fencing for deer is a safe, economical and long lasting alternative to non-electric and dangerous barbed wire fencing.

FenceFast offers a range of electric fence options that cater for the specific needs and unpredictable nature of deer. Select from permanent (high tensile) or portable (mobile)fence systems below.

Choose the solution that best suits your situation. We’ll be happy to assist you contact us 

High tensile fence for deer

Deer fences should be fitted by experts. Deer can jump high, and are flight animals. Gallagher specialises in game fences, and offers solutions that are both proven and safe. These fences are also used for protecting crops, such as wheat or barley, vineyards, or field of vegetables. .

Our advice
Looking for a professional permanent enclosure for deer or to protect your crops against deer? Then use High Tensile.

  • Longest lasting most durable 
  • A longer distance between posts is possible, which means you need less material. Can be stretched tightly with tensioners and tension springs
  • Use tension springs to deal with temperature fluctuations (shrinkage and expansion);
  • use Gallagher Line Posts 

Fence Configurations - Deer​

Deer can do major damage to crops or newly planted plants, stripping them down to the ground. The best way to put a definitive end to this is erect an electric fence. A slant fence has been used for many years to protect orchards and nursery crops. A 15-wire electric fence has also proven effective with deer control. ​


Permanent 15-Wire Deer Fence Specs:​

# of Wires: 15
Fence Height: 96"
Line Post: Fiberglass Rod Post
Spacing: 15'
Bracing: Double H-Brace
Wire Type: Hi-Tensile
Polarity: Hot/Ground
Polarity: High Tension, Stretched Wire, No Visible Sag (300 lbs)
Applications: Wildlife exclusion for all North American Deer Species

Download Wildlife Exclusion Booklet ›


Angle Deer fence

Mobile fence for deer

A mobile fence is ideal as a temporary or easy-to-move enclosure. It’s also suitable for subdividing large deer parks, or protecting your crops against deer. 

A Gallagher Food Plot Protector Fence allows you to achieve both forms of protection. The three-dimensional configuration keeps all species (including deer) out of the plot until it is ready for harvest. By removing the outside fence and changing the wire configuration of the inside fence, you will allow deer into the plot while keeping wild hogs and livestock out of the plot!