Electric fencing for goats

Gallagher products offers highly visible, hard wearing, economical goat electric fencing systems that cater for the specific needs and inquisitive nature of goats.

For a permanent goat fence solution, we recommend a 5-wire Permanent Electric high tensile fence. If you’re looking for an easy to transport, moveable goat fence Electric Netting or SmartFence are ideal solutions.

See below for more information about the permanent, portable and offset fence options available for fencing goats.

Electric fencing solutions are very effective in containing goats. However, as some goats are naturally insulated by a thick growth of hair it is essential to ensure the energizer is sufficiently powerful to be effective. with a full fleece are very well insulated, so it is essential to ensure the energizer is powerful enough, taking both thickness of fleece and distance of the fence into account. Please see the information below on electric fencing for sheep.

There are 4 main options for sheep electric fencing and custom kits are also available:
  1. Mobile Gallagher SmartFence
  2. 3 Line/Reel System - Strip Grazing Systems for Sheep
  3. Galvanized Wire on Permanent Stock Fencing
  4. Electric Netting


Mobile fence for goats

Gallagher SmartFence Mobile System

SmartFence is the ideal mobile or temporary fence for goats. The SmartFence is an all-in-one system of posts, reels and wires. It’s regarded as the perfect replacement of the standard net fence. It can be assembled and dismantled within five minutes. It’s easy to carry and store (use the corresponding SmartFence accessories for that purpose).

The SmartFence consists of four wires and 10 posts, and is 100 metres long. The barrier can be erected in any required line, as the posts can be positioned anywhere, and the wires are adjustable in height. It’s also possible to connect multiple SmartFences. Combined with a Gallagher fence energizer connected to the SmartFence, your animals will remain safe.


3 Reel/Line System - Strip Grazing Systems for Goats

A 3-wire electric fence with posts 10 metres apart will suffice for a mobile fence for sheep and goats. If you want extra security, for example when you have young goats, a 4-wire system with posts 10 metres apart will be even more reliable. The all-in-one SmartFence solution is even easier and more effective. A 3-reel system is ideal for both 400m plus runs keeping the lines tight, storing the fence lines when not in use and for speeding up fence moves. Start and End of fence are standard for a straight line system. Multi wire treadin plastic posts are generally used throughout these systems, however multi tread-in steel, or 3/8" fiberglass posts with spring clips are available for systems with corners and more complex layouts. Six strand stainless polywire (for use on runs less than 400m) or 9 strand Turbo wire or Turbo Braid (for use on runs 400m or greater) to create secure and effective grazing areas.

To create a controlled pasture management system, you may require both a fence 'in-front of' and 'behind the herd'. Depending on the area to be covered you could either use 2 separate electric fence systems or create a continuous fence line - whichever is the most suitable. Tread-in plastic posts are not sturdy enough for corners so use a 1” fiberglass corner post with post clips or a wooden post with wood post insulators.



High Tensile fence for goats

Goats are masters of escape. For a safe permanent fence for goats, Gallagher recommends a 5-wire Permanent Electric High Tensile power wire fence utilizing Gallagher Insulated Line-Posts with Line Post Clips 

A good current conductor, such as High Tensile power wire, combined with a powerful Gallagher fence energizer, offers you the security you want. The bottom wire of a goat fence is close to the ground, which means that growing vegetation is quite likely to touch the wire. That's why you need a powerful Gallagher fence energizer, as it will singe the grass once it is touched. As a result, there’ll be plenty of power on your fence. A High Tensile fence, combined with a Gallagher fence energizer, forms the perfect barrier for keeping goats safely and securely in a field. It will work well for many years to come.

Galvanised Wire On Permanent Existing Stock Fencing

Do you have a non-electric wood, mesh, or barb wire fence you want to fit with an electric wire? Whether you have a wooden or mesh fence, if a solution is required it would be possible to create an extra electric fencing barrier on livestock fencing that is already in place. Offset insulators would be attached to the wooden posts and galvanized wire would be passed through them - this is then electrified by an energizer (either mains or battery)

A simple, effective method for protecting your existing barrier or fence.

Our advice
Do you want to electrify an existing fence or enclosure? Then use offset insulators:

•             Effectively keeps sheep/goats within an existing fence;
•             Protect or improve an existing fence;
•             Can be used to power portable cross fencing for rotational grazing


Electric Netting

Electric Netting is ideal to create pens (perhaps at kidding time) if needed or for straight line fencing for strip grazing. Standard 50m netting comes with built-in posts making it easy to erect and move. Additional nets can easily be added on to create larger pens or longer lengths for strip grazing. Some systems have used up to 10 nets.

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