Electric Fence System Configurations

Electric fencing systems offer a wide range of fencing options for all animal types, from livestock control for Homesteader Life-styler through to Commercial Farm & Rancher. Wildlife control for gardens, crop protection, landfills, work camps and even Zoos 
If not constructed and maintained properly, an electric fence will not function as intended and will eventually fail so knowing the basics on how an electric fence works will help with any troubleshooting you might have. Click the link FenceFast Electric Fencing 101 for more detailed information. 


Below you will discover detailed recommendations by animal type to assist you designing and constructing a well built fence that will operate properly and last for many years. 

Horses Cattle Sheep
Horses Cattle  Sheep 
Pigs/Hogs Alpaca/Llama Goat
Swine Alpaca/Llamas Goats
Bison Elk Poultry
Bison Elk Poultry
Bears Canine Racoons
Deer Beaver Otter
Deer Beavers Otter