Gallagher M1500 Fence Energizer

Gallagher Fence Energizer M1500

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This energizer powers up to 160 miles / 900 acres of clean fence. Reliable and powerful, this energizer is best suited for large pastures.

<p><strong>Clean Fence</strong>: 160 miles / 900 acres​<br><strong>Typical Fence</strong>: 40 miles​ / 360 acres<br>​15 Stored Joules<br>UL Approved​​​</p>
<li>​​Features a quicks​​​can output Voltage bar graph: shows output voltage of the energizer at a glance and a digital output reading</li>
<li>Green LED indicates normal operation</li>
<li>Split bolt terminals for easy installation and good connection</li>
<li>Easy to service, modular design</li>
<li>Ideally suited for large pasture​</li>

<p><a href="" title="Gallagher M1500 110V energizer manual" target="_blank">Download PDF Manual</a> </p>

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