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Electric fencing for Chickens


There are different types of electric fencing for poultry:

  1. Temporary Electric Netting
  2. Permanent Electric Fencing for Poultry
    1. Protecting an Existing Pen
    2. Multi Wire Predator Fence

    1. Temporary Electric Netting for Poultry

    Electric Netting is ideal for containing all types of poultry in large or small areas (including ducks, geese, turkeys etc.) and keeping predators out (i.e. bears, foxes, coyotes, wolves, dogs, cats, racoons and mink). It is easy to move around so birds can be given new pasture, which reduces parasites and worming requirements of other livestock and gives pastures time to recover.

    This all-in-one Electric Netting is the ideal solution for safely containing free-range chickens. The netting fence is easy to set up and transport so it’s a convenient and secure fencing alternative if you need to move your chickens frequently.

    To power your portable electric poultry netting we recommend no less than a 1 joule energizer or a 3 joule energizer if you have tall grass or predator issues. A Multi Power energizer is the best value for output however a self contained solar energizer is a very portable option for summer season only use here in Canada. 


    2. Permanent Electric Fencing For Poultry


    An electric fence can also be added to existing runs to stop predators climbing or digging into the enclosure.  A permanent poultry/pheasant run can be protected from predators by adding 2-3 lines of electrified wire, poly or tape supported by wood post insulators such as Screw-In Ring insulators on the existing posts of the enclosure.  The bottom line should be supported by Offset insulators. This will stop foxes etc from digging under, whilst the other lines will stop them climbing. It is also be possible to use offsets along the top of the existing fence, as one wants to insure that the electric wires cannot easily come into contact with the existing pen mesh fencing as this will cause the electric fence to short out. We do however recommend that this mesh is connected to the energizer ground rod as this will ensure the fence mesh is grounded so any animal that tries to climb the mesh will than receive a shock when coming into contact with the electrified wires at the fence as the grounded mesh will close the circuit. A plug-in energizer of minimum 1 joule is recommended however if power is not available a multi powered or solar of similar size can be used. 


    We designing and installing a system such as this you may need to get a little creative and utilize several different style of insulators, gate handles and hardware to create the the required results. We do stock a large verity of electric fence products and are always happy to help. If you would like assistance in your design feel free to send us an email, please include a few pictures of your pen, and a sketch showing measurements and gate locations also note if power is available near by and we will be happy to put together a package for you. 



    The Predator Fence can be used to protect large areas but may require professional help to install. It comprises of 6-10 lines of high tensile single wire or mesh wire, supported by insulators on wooden, Fiberglass or Gallagher line posts, It is essential to use large strainer posts on all corners and gates as, once erected, the lines are tensioned via wire strainers.

    email info@fencefast.ca to have one of our Certified Pasture Pros assist you in your poultry predator management requirements