Government Funding

Funding Option 1

Rotational Grazing, Pasture Improvement, And Water Systems

Funding is provided through the Canadian Government On-Farm Climate Action Fund as an initiative to help farmers tackle climate change. Producers have the potential to access funding up to $75,000 on cost share.

The development of the advanced rotational grazing plan for your farming operation is the program’s foundation and a requirement to access further funding for implementing your Advanced Rotational Grazing Plan. By developing a rotational grazing plan, you will have a clear idea of all associated aspects of your project.

FenceFast has trained mentors to support, advise and assist you in understanding the available funding, and completing the grazing plan and application for ease of approval.

Please contact us below to schedule your free conversation with a trained mentor.

Funding Option 2

Livestock Tag Reader (RFID)

B.C. Livestock operators (ranchers, abbatiors, and 4-H clubs) have the opportunity to apply for funding. The funding is a $3,500 annual cost share funding maximum for eligible products, including tag readers.

This program provides cost-share funding for implementing the use of livestock tag readers (hand-held or panel readers), reader installation, related software, and related equipment training.

Please contact us below to learn what livestock tag reader would be appropriate for your operation.

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