Our Story

Our Story

Axle Boris the founder and President of FenceFast Ltd grew up on a cattle ranch in British Columbia’s Northern Interior. After having spent several summers working for his father custom fencing as a youth years later in 1998 he started AB Custom Fencing in the BC interior. Being impressed with how electric fences consistently kept out a wide variety of animals and were a cost effective option for customers; Axle became a dealer for to Gallagher Animal Management in 2000. Since then AB Custom Fencing has become an industry leader specializing in Livestock, Wildlife, Bear and Predator Management permanent and portable fence structures.

Now years later, countless miles of fence build and a tired shoulder from hammering thousands of staples, Axle had started searching for a faster alternative. He came upon a power fence stapler manufactured by Paslode NZ a division of ITW (Illinois Tool Works) Company, designed for batten fencing in New Zealand. These Kiwi's had a clear vision; to make fencing faster and easier. Axle knew this solution for batten fencing was innovative but the Canadian agriculture fence market demanded a more powerful tool to fire a 2” barbed staple used here. Axle worked in conjunction with the ITW Paslode team in New Zealand and in July 2012 the ST400 pneumatic fence stapler was launched to the world under the new brand of "STOCKade" now the the agricultural fastener brand of ITW. The ST400   remarkable revolutionized fence building and greatly increased productivity however continuously agricultural fencers asked for a cordless model to go anywhere quickly and easily.

Customer interest was building in the power fence staplers and the time was right to separate custom fencing from the sales and distribution of fencing products to create a new company; FenceFast Ltd, thus leaving AB Custom Fencing to return to its fence installation roots. 

In 2016, FenceFast was pleased to assist STOCKade with the worldwide launch of the ST400i, the world’s first cordless and most powerful fence stapler. FenceFast Launched the ST400i in Canada for the first time at AG in Motion show in Saskatoon July 2016, where it was award both the first place Innovation and People's Choice Award, going on to also win the first place Innovation Award at Agri-Trade in Red Deer in November 2016. The revolution in fencing has arrived. STOCKade’s ST400i will drive a 2” barbed staple in less than a second. That allows the user to; FenceFast.

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