Security Electric Fencing

Electric Security Fence is a quality security system that works!

With the ever increasing crime in today’s world, people and businesses alike are looking for a cost effective solution to provide a higher level of security to deter property damage, personal losses and improve biosecurity. An Electric Security Fence system is a barrier fence that is constructed around the perimeter of your property, freestanding or attached just inside your existing fence. The height of the Electric Security Fence can vary from 4’ to 10’ from the ground depending on the area and level of security required, or can be placed on top of buildings and walls. The deterrent, if anybody comes into contact with the fence they receive a memorable, sharp, but safe shock provide from an energizer which sends a current through the fence in pulses of about one per second. With a properly designed and built system one shock will make any potential trespasser not want to challenge the fence again! An electric fence is a psychological barrier so doesn’t require great strength to be effective, which makes it less costly. However, it must be well designed and constructed to absorb some pressure especially from snow and wind. 

Electric fence warning signs are placed around the fence to warn passers by, as well we can install live lites strobing with each electric pulsing for an added warning at night.


The height, warning signs and look of the fence acts as a very powerful psychological deterrent to would-be intruders.


Advantages of Electric Security Fencing 


  • Cost Effective high security system that works 
  • Cost recovery by halting losses from theft and vandalism 
  • High level of security comfort 
  • Protecting property, employee’s, and family 
  • Unlimited options, we can customize to suit your needs 
  • Voltage monitoring capability identify and reporting a fence security breach 
  • Back up battery systems so your fence is working even in power failures 
  • Safer, more reliable, and less costly than guard dogs, and security guard services 
  • Easy access, operation, repairs, and low maintenance cost 
  • Visual psychological and physically deterrents 
  • Can be solar powered and installed at remote unmanned locations 


Electric Security Fence uses:


  • Industrial sites 
  • Commercial properties 
  • Airports 
  • Auto dealerships 
  • Utility companies 
  • Repo yards 
  • Auction yards 
  • Scrap metal recycle yards 
  • Ports, container facilities 
  • Refineries, tank farms 
  • Correctional and prison facilities 
  • Food production facilities 
  • Gated communites  
  • Government and military Installations  
  • Private estates 
  • Nurseries 
  • Mini storage yards 
  • Public water facilities 
  • Communication facilities 
  • Towing yards 
  • Impound yards 
  • Trucking terminals 
  • Truck Parks 
  • Warehouse facilities 
  • Zoos and wildlive reserves 

 waste disposal compound

Don't get shocked by break-ins 

Let the Trespasser get the shocking memory for a change!