Poultry Sacrifice Pliers

Poultry Sacrifice Pliers

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CHICK'A Poultry Sacrifice Pliers are a humane tool used to slaughter poultry.

<li> Insert the chicken into a Poultry Bleeder Cone for best results, as the chicken must be suspended upside down in order to bleed out.</li>
<li>Take the head in the left hand, press firmly with your thumb at the base of the skull. This will cause the beak to open.</li>
<li>Next place the part of the pliers with the slight depression over the chicken's head behind the comb and the blade into the chicken's mouth and squeeze the handles together. </li>
<li>The blade penetrates the brain killing the chicken instantly. The blade also severs the nerve that controls the feathers. When this nerve is severed, less plucking is required.</li>

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