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Easy Twist™ 9-gauge Vinyl Coated Fence Ties
Easy Twist™ 9-gauge Vinyl Coated Fence Ties
Easy Twist™ 9-gauge Vinyl Coated Fence Ties

Easy Twist™ 9-gauge Vinyl Coated Fence Ties

$675.00 CAD

Easy Twist™ Fence Ties are the most commonly used pre-shaped fence ties used by installers on large chain link projects and small commercial jobs with 2-inch mesh or larger. They are much faster to use than hook ties and more secure. 9 gauge pre-formed to fit different diameter steel pipe, allows for faster and more securely tied fence every time, as well increased profitability of your fence projects

Vinyl Coated

These are Special Order Items please allow 3-6 weeks for delivery. Please contact for purchase inquiry. 

9 gauge galvanized core coated with Black PVC

Following Colours can be custom ordered: Woodland Green, Forest or Enser Green, and Brown PVC. contact us for more information

Finished size is 8 gauge. The 9 gauge power drill bit tool is required for vinyl coated ties. 

The ties are preformed steel wire formed in the shape of the post, while fitting tightly over one wire of the fabric. The two ends are than inserted and power twisted with a tool designed to twist the ends three full twists equivalent to one and one half machine turns. The tie should be positioned on the post or rail with the twisted end protruding in the same direction parallel to the fence preventing risk of injury to passing personal. 

The tie meets ASTM F 626-96a Manually Fastened Round Wire Ties

Available in follow qualities:

1000 per box

  • 9 Ga - 1-3/8", 1-5/8", 2",2-1/2", tension wire

500 per box

  • 9 Ga - 1-3/8", 1-5/8", 2",2-1/2", 3",3-1/2",4"

Discounts available @ 5, 10, 25 boxes volumes contact for more information. 

    Requires 9 Gauge Easy Twist™ DRILL BIT TOOL for use with your drill for twisting Easy Twist™ Fence Ties. 


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