Gallagher Double Insulated Cable 16 Gauge - 50m

Gallagher Double Insulated Cable 16 Gauge - 50m

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Suitable for under gate cabling to ensure effective power transfer between fence sections, also suitable for initial lead out lengths (Energizer to start of fence system) of less than 0.5km/1/3 mile.

<li>50m (165’) in length</li>
<li>Low resistance to maximize power transfer</li>
<li>Double insulation</li>
<li>Tough polyethylene sheath for abrasion resistance, ensuring long life and durability</li>
<li>Should be laid in plastic pipe for physical protection when used underground</li>
<li>Also suitable between earth pegs in earth system.</li>
<li>Recommended for energizers less than 1 joule output.</li>

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