Gallagher Econo Reel

Gallagher Econo Reel

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Lightweight and strong, for use on shorter, less frequently moved portable fences.

<li>Ideal for use on shorter, less frequently moved fences</li>
<li>Easy to maintain reversible and replaceable hub</li>
<li>Durable zinc coated frame and UV resistant hub</li>
<li>Conveniently hooks directly to fence or reel stand</li>
<li>Holds 500m/ 1640' Poly Wire and 200m/656' of 12.5mm/0.5" Tape</li>

<tr id="_id155TR">
<td>1 year</td>
<tr id="_id170TR">
<td>290mm/ 11.4"</td>
<tr id="_id144TR">
<td>Width or Length</td>
<td>240mm/ 9.4"</td>
<tr id="_id192TR">
<td>250mm/ 9.8"</td>
<tr id="_id113TR">
<td>Product Weight</td>
<td>9.8kg /1.87lbs</td>
<tr id="_id187TR">
<td>Conductor Capacity (length)</td>
<td>Holds 500m (1640ft) Poly Wire, 400m (1312ft) Turbo Wire, 200m (656ft) Poly Tape or Turbo Tape.</td>

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Customer Reviews

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Alexandre A.
Hard pass.

Mechanism broke after 2 days. Not worth the price.