Gallagher Controller R Series Reader

Gallagher Controller R Series Reader

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Entry level Reader Controller for fixed location, EID Tag Reading.

<li>Designed for use with a weigh scale that is able to store the EID data Easy EID weigh scale (&amp; other devices) connection via Bluetooth Plus includes adaptor for non-Bluetooth EID weigh scale connection</li>
<li>Requires external mains or 12v battery source (not included)</li>
<li>Removable for security, convenient charging or to switch to different sites with other panels installed</li>
<li>High grade, long life, waterproof materials for use in all weather conditions ISO compliant - half duplex (HDX) and full duplex (FDX-B)</li>
<li>Can be used with Gallagher panels or the Gallagher Sheep Auto Drafter</li>
<li>Comes with 12 volt battery leads, RS232 communication cable, USB communication cable and user manual</li>
<li>Use with either </li>
<li><a href="">600 EID Tag Antenna panels</a></li>
<li><a href="">1300 EID Tag Antenna panels</a></li>

<td>1 year</td>
<tr id="_id117TR">
<td>220mm/ 8.7"</td>
<tr id="_id187TR">
<td>Width or Length</td>
<td>300mm/ 11.8"</td>
<tr id="_id189TR">
<td>100mm/ 3.9"</td>
<tr id="_id127TR">
<td>Product Weight</td>
<td>2.7kg/ 6lbs</td>

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