Gallagher Insulator Enhanced INT Hard BLK Pkg 100

Gallagher Insulator Enhanced INT Hard BLK Pkg 100

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This insulator if specially designed for use with Gallagher Steel Security Posts. 

Package of 100

<li>Compatible with Intermediate Posts (G203XX) and Custom Posts (G204xx)</li>
<li>Dual Shield to prevent arcing to the security post under adverse weather conditions</li>
<li>1.8x electrical tracking distance of standard in-line insulators</li>
<li>Shields wrap around to prevent fence wire being lodged between if demounted from claws of the insulator</li>
<li>One handed installation (pin can be installed from either direction)</li>
<li>High gloss finish to aid self cleaning &amp; prevent contamination build up</li>
<li>Patented design.</li>
<li>Sold in packages of 100</li>
<p><em>This product is special order please email</em></p>

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