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1 Gallon Bucket Waterer Red
2 Gallon Bucket Waterer Pretty in Purple

Galvanized Bucket Poultry Waterer

$34.99 CAD

Carry water to your backyard flock and water them in the same bucket! Unique design serves as a bucket for filling and carrying, then converts to a gravity-feed waterer.

Sturdy galvanized steel has rolled edges for safety. You won't find anything easier to fill, carry, and clean. 1-gallon size with built-in handle is perfect for small poultry flocks. Recommended for adult birds. Bucket converts to a gravity-feed waterer.

  •  Galvanized steel with rolled edges for safety
  •  Perfect for small poultry flocks.
  •  Built-in handle.
  • 1-gallon capacity (unpainted & red)
  • 2-gallon capacity (purple)

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