Speedrite Extreme Tape
Speedrite Extreme Tape
Speedrite Extreme Tape
Speedrite Extreme Tape
Speedrite Extreme Tape
Speedrite Extreme Tape

Speedrite Extreme Tape

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Size 200m

Ideal for lengths of temporary over 300m and semi-permanent fence. 105x more conductive than Poliwire. 6 tinned copper strands for ultimate conductivity.

Speedrite Extreme Wire provides the ultimate in conductivity and strength for demanding professional applications.

1 year warranty

<li>6 tinned copper strands</li>
<li>106 x more conductive than standard Poliwire</li>
<li>Increased shocking and stopping power, ideal for long lengths of temporary and semi-permanent fence</li>
<li>Heavy duty tape, tightly woven for superior strength</li>
<li>UV stabilized for long life</li>
<li>12mm width white with red weave for ultimate visibility.</li>
<li>Available in 200m, 400m rolls </li>

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<td>Resistivity (Ω / km)</td>
<td class="text-field-resistivity">170 Ω</td>
<tr class="list-field-voltage-start-fence">
<td class="label-field-voltage-start-fence">Voltage at start of fence (V)</td>
<td class="text-field-voltage-start-fence">8,000 V</td>
<tr class="list-field-voltage-100">
<td class="label-field-voltage-100">Voltage at 100 m (V)</td>
<td class="text-field-voltage-100">7,900 V</td>
<tr class="list-field-voltage-500">
<td class="label-field-voltage-500">Voltage at 500 m (V)</td>
<td class="text-field-voltage-500">7,500 V</td>
<tr class="list-field-voltage-1km">
<td class="label-field-voltage-1km">Voltage at 1 km (V)</td>
<td class="text-field-voltage-1km">7,100 V</td>

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