Tru-Test MP800 Load Bar Set, 6600 lb Capacity, 32" Long

Tru-Test MP800 Load Bar Set, 6600 lb Capacity, 32" Long

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Versatile. For all animal types.

Designed for use under a variety of single animal portable applications, including alleyway platforms, cages or small animal crates.

<strong></strong> Can be temporarily installed and when used with the lightweight aluminium platform can be easily transported between different weighing sites</li>
<strong>Compatible</strong>. Can be used with any weigh scale in the Tru-Test range without calibration, may also be used with the Gallagher weigh scale and data collectors calibration maybe required.</li>
<strong>Corrosion resistant</strong>. Galvanised steel housing protects the bar in the tough agricultural environment</li>
<strong>Sealed load cell</strong>. Protects the load cell against moisture damage allowing the load bars to remain outside</li>
<strong>Easy to set up.</strong> Simply requires a firm level surface and a rigid crate or platform</li>

<li><strong>FOOT PAD DIMENSIONS </strong>6.69 " x 3.94"</li>
<li><strong>CABLE LENGTH </strong>16½'</li>
<li><strong>BAR SECTION WIDTH </strong>3"</li>
<li><strong>CABLE TYPE </strong>4 core cable. TPR inner and conductor cover, PVC middle layer for impact protection, blue TPR outer for protection from sunlight and cold.</li>
<li><strong>LOAD CELL TYPE </strong>Aluminium shear beam</li>
<li><strong>STORAGE TEMPERATURE </strong>-4 to + 122 °F</li>
<li><strong>OPERATING TEMPERATURE </strong>14 to + 104 °F</li>
<li><strong>RESOLUTION </strong>Fine mode: 0.2 lb when used with Tru-Test indicators. Normal: 1 lb</li>
<li><strong>PLATFORM FIXING CENTERS </strong>29.96"</li>
<li><strong>TOTAL CAPACITY </strong>6,600 lb</li>
<li><strong>NOMINAL LENGTH </strong>32"</li>
<li><strong>ACCURACY </strong>±1% or two resolutions, whichever is greater</li>
<li><strong>WEIGHT </strong>40.8 lb (pair)</li>

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