Our Brands

Stockade is the world's leading manufacturer of fencing staplers, staples and other wire fixing systems. Wire stapling systems that deliver a BETTER, FASTER and SAFER solution for every wire fencing job.
Whether it's masonry, fencing, precast, refractory, industrial cleaning, or custom fabrication, EZG Manufacturing creates powerful, innovative solutions.
  World-Leading Manufacturer Of Wire Joining, Wire Tensioning and Wire Suspension systems, Gripple offers time and labour saving solutions for wire rope applications in the Construction, Fencing, Trellising, Geotextiles and Seismic Markets.
Gallagher, a global leader in the innovation and marketing of animal management solutions, offers  offer both permanent and portable electric fence systems that allow specific areas of the pasture to be grazed, weighing and EID equipment, data collection and heat detection.
Montana Post Driver has been revolutionizing the fencing industry. Montana Post Driver invented the hydraulic hammer post driver. Since then, they have refined and improved their post drivers. 


REDI Driver® is the ONLY gas powered post driver with over 6 years of World Wide proven reliability . DO NOT settle for less than THE original & THE best selling!

Lock Jawz are designed by Farmers for Farmers. This innovative T post insulator, brace and wire clip products are the ideal solution for electric fence installations and wire fastening to T posts.