Can you use electric fence in a rainy climate?

Posted by Leanne Smith on

“I live in a rainy climate and I am wanting to utilize electric fencing.  I am concerned that the fence will not be suitable for my location.  Will the fence short out in rain?  Will I have to constantly monitor and turn the fence off when it is raining out making the fence ineffective?” Darren, Vancouver Island BC.

Hi Darren and thanks for the question. Electric fencing is definitely made to withstand a rainy climate. When it is raining you might experience more draw down on the fence, meaning there is less voltage on the fence. However, the energizer selected will be the factor on how it operates in a rainy climate. Mains fence energizers, those requiring a 110V plug, are recommended to be mounted on a wall, undercover, and protected from outside elements. Multi-powered or solar energizers have water-resistant cases allowing more flexibility in placement on your operation. I hope you find that helpful. If you have any more questions about selecting the perfect energizer for your operation, I would be happy to assist you with that as well. The energizer is the heart of the electric fence and when you have the right one for your situation it makes your life easier.

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