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Choosing the Right Energizer (Fence Charger)

Once you have decided what type of electric fence you want for your property, you will need an energizer also known as a fence charger to power it.  The ​correct energizer size for your property is determined by the type of animal to be fenced, distance of fence to be powered and the number of wires in the fence. Selecting a larger Energizer than you need, results in better stock control and a larger safety factor if the fence or installation is imperfect (forage/vegetation interference​, etc.) ​ 

Electric Fence Energizers can be powered by either main grid power or battery power, with multi power and seasonal solar options available 
  • 110V Main Powered - these are energizer units which are plugged into a 110V mains power supply.
  • Multi Powered  - these are 12V energizer units that come with a power adapter for 110V plug in

Portable Solar Energizers


Portable Solar powered energizers offer effective livestock control in remote locations where power is unavailable and easy portability is required. These complete solar systems come complete with battery and solar panel built in making them a cinch to install and will last for years, just install a ground rod attach energizer to ground and power wire to fence with included lead sets. The Gallagher, Speedrite, Patriot and Corral Fence Energizers we carry all come with a 3 year warranty.

For Canada Solar energizers are recommended for grazing season only use only.  

Battery Powered Energizers

A Battery Powered Energizer System needs a constant current.

​If not recharged, the battery will eventually become completely discharged and the Energizer will stop working. The amount of current required by an Energizer increases with the size of the Energizer. The amount of charge stored by the battery is measured in Amp-hours (Ah) and increases with the size of the battery. A battery should be chosen which is designed for regular charge and discharge cycles and for discharging most of its capacity without damage.

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