Electric Fencing For Bison

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Electric fencing for Bison is a safe, economical and long lasting alternative to non-electric and dangerous barbed wire fencing.

FenceFast offer a full range of electric fence options for Bison. Select from permanent (high tensile) or portable fence systems or an offset fence which allows electrification of existing fences.

    Permanent High Tensile electric fencing for Bison


    Permanent high tensile wire systems create long life, permanent electric fences. They are easy to install and operate and provide highly effective animal control that lasts a lifetime.

    A High Tensile power wire fence offers plenty of advantages.

    Our advice:

    • A professional permanent enclosure for cattle farming? Then use High Tensile
    • Larger distance between posts of 15 metres, up to a maximum of 20 metres, is possible with a two-wire system;
    • Can be stretched tightly with tensioners and tension springs
    • Use tension springs to deal with temperature fluctuations (shrinkage and expansion), as well provide additional fence flexibility for wildlife impacts, and heavy snow loads.
    • Most durable and longest lasting type of electric fencing system, with low maintenance, minimal animal contact this system is extremely hard-wearing.

    What do you need for a Permanent high tensile electric wire fence for cattle?

    Permanent fences use highly conductive, corrosion resistant fence wire; wood, steel, or concrete posts and high strength components to keep a fence looking good and working effectively.

    Permanent Electric Fence Components:

    A Joint Clamps 
    Securely connects the high tensile wire in a secure electrical connection.

    B Insulated Wire Strainer 
    The Insulated Wire Strainer combines an end strain insulator and strainer. Simply tie onto the end post and wind the fence wire onto the spool.

    C End Strain Insulator
    Connects to the other end of the fence to provide long term end strain insulation.

    D Post Insulator
    All Gallagher insulators are heavy duty and high strength and are designed for the highest voltage, high tensile fences. Insulators attach high tensile wire to the fence posts and the type selected will depend on what the posts are made of i.e. wood, steel or concrete.

    E Electric Gate Kits 
    An easy to set up, pre-assembled electrified gate options

    F High Conductive Cable 
    This highly conductive cable carries the power from the energizer to the middle of the fence system.

    Permanent Electric High Tensile power wire fence utilizing Gallagher Insulated Line-Posts with  

    1. Fence Energizer  system with grounding. good rule of thumb is 1 joule of energizer output for every 1600m (1 mile) of fence. For grounding recommended one ground rod per energizer joule output, note these may vary depending on ground type conditions. 

    2. Gallagher Hight Tensile Powerwire

    3. Choose from our selection of Gate Kits 

    4. Brace Anchor Posts each end 

    5. Line Post Options:

      1. Insulated line posts, plus Line Post Clips 

      2. 1" Fiberglass Posts use Fiberglass Post clips to secure wire to posts

      3. Wood Posts with Wide JawScrew-In Ring, or Multi post pin wood post insulator

      4. Steel T-Post with Steel T Post TopperUniversal T-Post Insulator, or Multi post pin post insulator, note steel posts are least desirable in an electric fence system

    6. Connection Claw Clamps Clamp (note required if using Insulated Strainer)

    7. Insulator see (5) line post above for options

    8. Heavy Duty Tension Spring (optional)

    9. End Insulated Wire Strainer Kit required at one end

    10. Tensioning strainer required at opposite end (9) wire strainer or at both ends if desired options are:

      1. High Strain Insulator Kit 

      2. Insulated Strainer 

    11. Under Gate/Lead Out Cable recommend to connect fence under gates, lead out from energizer to fence, energizer to ground rod connections. 

      1. Heavy Duty Leadout Cable for use on fences less than 1000m

      2. HIgh Conductive Cable for use of larger multi wire fences, being 3x more conductive than standard Heavy duty cable.

    Fence Configurations - Bison


    Permanent Bison 3-Wire Cross Fence Specs:​

    # of Wires:
    Fence Height:
    Line Post:
    Fiberglass Rod Post, Insulated Line posts
    30' -40 '
    Single Post or Bed Log Post
    Wire Type:
    All Hot or Hot/Ground
    Medium Tension, Tight Wire No Visible Sag (150 lbs)
    ​Cross fence for Bison






    Permanent Bison 5-Wire Fence Specs:​

    # of Wires:
    Fence Height:
    Line Post:
    Fiberglass Rod Post, Insulated Line Posts
    Wire Type:
    Medium Tension, Tight Wire No Visible Sag (150 lbs)
    Boundary fence for Bison


    We will be happy to give you tailor-made advice for this solution

    Retrofit Offset Electric Fence Systems for Bison:


    Retrofit /offset electric fencing is an economical and easy to install option if you have an existing or new conventional, non-electric fence that you want to protect, for example, mesh, wood, or barb wire? Then use the  offset insulators.

    A quick and effective way to electrify an existing fence.

    Our advice

    • Effectively keep Bison within an existing fence;

    • Protects an existing fence;

    • Can be used with power wire, tape, cord or plastic wire;

    • For the electrification of:

      • Wooden fences

      • Iron or concrete posts

      • Mesh fences

      • Barbed wire

    Offset brackets are fitted to the fence with an electrified wire (or wires) on one or both sides of the fence. The wire discourages animals from biting or rubbing against the fence, thereby extending its life.

    A variety of offsets are available to attach to wood post or steel post fences, or to mount directly onto the wires of an existing conventional fence.


    Retrofit Offset Electric Fence Components:
    Joint Clamps 

    Securely connects the high tensile wire in a secure electrical connection.
    B, C End Strain Insulator 
    Connects to the other end of the fence to provide long term end strain insulation.
    D Offsets
    Offsets protect existing fences and reduce fence damage – the type of offset selected will depend on what the fence posts are made of i.e. wood, steel, concrete. There is also an option to attach an offset directly to the fence wire.
    Electric Gate 
    An easy to set up, pre-assembled electrified gate option – ideal for on/ off gateways.
    High Conductive Cable 
    This highly conductive cable carries the power from the energizer to the middle of the fence system.

      Portable electric Fence for Bison

      A portable electric fencing is ideal as a temporary, or easy-to-move, enclosure. Extremely suitable for dividing fields into multiple paddocks. It’s also ideal for rationed grazing, allowing you to get the maximum yield from your grass. The best-known system consists of lightweight portable posts and poly wire. This makes it easy to attach the wire to the post, and the wire will remain in the holder. Perfect for a portable fencing. The fence can be put up and/or taken down in one single pass.  A portable electric fence can be powered by any Solar Energizer or simply connected to a permanent electric fence supplied by a Mains 110V or Multi Powered Energizer. As portable fencing is so easy to move and set up it’s a versatile solution for fencing any type of animal, even on the most remote area of your farm.

      Portable Electric Fence Components:

      Portable Fencing Posts

      Ring Top or Pigtail posts are a popular option for Bison and cattle portable fencing. Multiwire treadins come with the option to secure wire at different heights so they can be used for all other animals.


      Reels hold the tape, braid or wire for the portable fence. You can use just one reel for single line fences or up to four reels, attached to a reel stand, for multi wire fences.

      Tapes, Wires and Braids

      Tapes, wires or braid are used on portable fences rather than the galvanised wire used on permanent fences. Gallagher conductors are ideal for portable electric fences as they are light, visible and easy to wind.

      Lead Connector 

      Power Connectors are leads that connect a portable fence to an existing permanent electric fence.

      Our advice

      • Choose from a selection of portable posts for a portable Bison fence:

      • Recommend maximum distance between posts of 8 metres or where you need a post to maintain a consistent wire height

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