Electric Fencing For Alpacas/Lamas

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FenceFast offers unique, safe Lamas and Alpaca electric fencing systems that cater for the specific needs and social nature of these animals.

Electric fencing for alpacas is a safe, economical and long lasting alternative to sheep mesh, non-electric or dangerous barbed wire fencing.

FenceFast offers a full range of Lama/Alpaca electric fence options. Select from permanent (high tensile) or portable fence systems or an offset fence which allows electrification of existing fences.

High tensile fencing for alpacas

High Tensile is a very durable, permanent fence. It will easily last 20 to 25 years, and it’s very suitable as fencing for alpacas. Combined with a powerful fence energizer, you will have optimum electrical conductivity. Gallagher recommends a six-wire system for a permanent alpaca fence. This system is based on a unique concept of fixed and non-fixed posts, such as the High Tensile sheep fence. The only difference is that the height has been adapted to alpacas, with a fence height of 1.26m.

Our advice
Permanent enclosure for alpacas? Then use High Tensile.

  • A distance between posts of 10 metres, and every 40 metres a 2.00m fixed post with non-fixed posts (1.26m battens) in-between;.
  • Gallagher line posts are recommend
  • Put the first wire close to the ground.
  • The High Tensile wire is tensioned tightly by means of rotating tensioners.
  • Tension springs are fitted to neutralise tension differences caused by temperature fluctuations.

Mobile fencing for alpacas

Do you want to put up a temporary or mobile fence for alpacas? For example, divide a large plot into two smaller ones? Or perhaps you have a rented field you want to enclose? We offer a simple and easy-to-fit solution suitable for alpacas.

This system consists of posts, wire and a fence energizer. We recommend temporary  posts in combination with 12.5mm tape or cord. The top wire is fitted at a minimum height of 1.20m. That is high enough for alpacas.

Combined with an energizer the fence is electrified.

Existing fence for alpacas

Have you already got a mesh fence for your alpacas, and you’d like to protect it to make it last longer? In that case you won't need a complete new fence, as you can easily electrify the mesh fence with offset insulators. Quick, efficient and cost effectively.

Our advice
Do you want to electrify an existing fence or enclosure? Then use offset insulators:

  • Effectively keeps alpacas within an existing fence;
  • Protects an existing fence.
  • Can be used with tape, cord or plastic wire.
  • For the electrification of:
    • Wooden fences
    • Iron or concrete posts
    • Mesh fences
    • Barbed wire

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