Energizer Solar Panels selection and Installation

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Solar powered electric fence energizers can be a great way to power your electric fence energizer in locations with no Mains Grid power source however they will require a little extra care especially if you are planning to use them year around here in Canada.

Canadian winters can be challenging for reliable solar power in winter the sun is significantly lower on the horizon. This means that you should change the angle of your solar panels to a vertical position so that the sun continues to hit the panels at a 90° angle to maximize solar photovoltaic charging of the battery. Vertical position will also help reduce snow build up as 20% snow coverage of a solar panel may cut production by 80% so it is very important to keep solar panels clean of snow. It is also important to clean the panel from time to time of bird dropping and dust as this can also reduce solar power production. 

Shorter daylight hours in winter mean that the solar panels on your solar powered fences may not be able to keep up with demand. The battery won't fully recharge each day and will slowly deplete over time. You have two options;

  1. Increase your solar panel wattage collection capacity and battery Ah storage depending on your latitude and winter daylight hours this could mean adding 2-3 x more solar wattage and battery Ah as shown on the below Regional area solar chart.

  2. Keep a spare deep cycle battery on hand for your solar powered fence energizer system so you can swap batteries, allowing you to fully recharge each battery from time to time with a plug-in battery charger back at the farmyard. At 49° North latitude, switching batteries once per week to fully recharge the second battery is usually sufficient to prevent the voltage from dropping below 3500 volts on the fence. If you live further north, you will require more frequent battery swaps. Further south will require less. Cloudy weather will also increase the frequency of battery swaps. 

Always use deep cycle marine batteries with your solar powered electric fence charger because these batteries are built to withstand deep draw-down. Regular car batteries will fail during repeated heavy battery draw-downs.

Regional Area solar selection chart for panel and battery energizer requirements 

Here are the wattage requirements for the Gallagher B/MB/MBS Series:


Average Wattage/hour consumption


















How to Build an Electric Fence Gallagher 101 Manual 

How to install a solar powered Gallagher MBS Energizer installation video:

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